Rahul Gandhi Takes on BJP – FarmersLeaderRG Trending on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi Takes on BJP – FarmersLeaderRG Trending on Twitter

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was arrested earlier today at Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh where he was travelling onward to the village of Mandsaur which is situated around MP-Rajasthan border. The village which saw the killing of five farmers in alleged police firing during a protest on Tuesday has since been under heavy unrest with internet services suspended and section 144 imposed in the district. Gandhi had earlier tweeted about his plans for meeting the families of the slained farmers. He arrived in Udaipur by a chartered flight and then proceeded to Madhya Pradesh from there in a four wheeler. He led what became a rally with other Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath in to the state of Madhya Pradesh by crossing the border on a two wheeler.

As the police attempted to stop the rally, Gandhi then took onto feet, walking a hundred metres in the fields where he was then detained. Talking about the incident on Twitter, Gandhi wrote –

He made it very clear in his tweets that the governments of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (both BJP ruled states) were putting special efforts to not let him meet the grieving families. Finally, when he was released five hours later, Gandhi met the families when the police arranged for the families to be taken to the state border. The Vice President of Congress party made it very clear by his statements that the steps taken by ruling government are not enough for the welfare of the poor farmers and justice needs to be brought to those who are affected by it. He also talked about the victims and their families’ wish to be announced them as martyrs and stated that his party shall make sure their voices are heard.

The whole debacle got covered by national media as different parties and their leaders have expressed their concern at PM Modi’s inability to relate to matters at home and express grievance for these victims of the system.

Many supporters of Gandhi and Congress on Twitter then have started the new trend #FarmersLeaderRG along with #AntiFarmerBJP and #किसान_नेता_राहुल_गांधी hashtags.

Also, some have expressed their concern on the congress leader’s seemingly opportunistic behavior and asked politics to be left aside in this matter of national concern. If the farmer of the land is not safe and secure, the economy and the rest of the society have to be put to trial.

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