Rahul Gandhi slams Nirav Modi, targets Modi Government for Punjab National Bank scam

Rahul Gandhi slams Nirav Modi, targets Modi Government for Punjab National Bank scam
Written by Abhishek Rana

Rahul Gandhi has slammed Nirav Modi, and Narendra Modi in tweet related to the Punjab National Bank scam. Rahul gandhi through his tweet targeted Narendra Modi government, highlighting Nirav Gandhi hug in Davos and the 12,000 crore scam.The Punjab National Bank has already been controversial, as it the CBI has accused Jewelry Mogul, Nirav Modi, of cheating the Bank and laundering up to 12 thousand crores with the help of some officials who worked within the bank.

Rahul has indirectly attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, by capitalizing the word, Modi, which the two people share, then saying that Nirav used his influence to travel to DAVOS, stole so much money and was able to run away from the country, even as the government didn’t do anything.

Rahul’s tweet has been controversial, but politicians have also aimed attacks on him, calling to the fact that the scam has been going on for many years, and didn’t just start under the Modi administration. It was always going to be difficult for the parties to sidestep the allegations, but Rahul’s tweet has already started the onslaught of attacks from both sides. In the meantime, things seem to go worse for Nirav, as Priyanka Chopra has decided to sue the company for its inability to pay her adequately for the ad campaign. The whereabouts of Niraz are unknown but its reported that he fled the country.

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