Rahul Gandhi mocks on Narendra Modi after Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed

Rahul Gandhi mocks on Narendra Modi after Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed

On Saturday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after Pakistan released 26/11 attacks mastermind, Hafiz Saeed, saying his ‘hugplomacy’ with US President Donald Trump had failed. Today, Congress vice-president tweets, “Narendrabhai, बात नहीं बनी. Terror mastermind is free. President Trump just delinked Pak military funding from LeT. Hugplomacy fails. More hugs urgently needed.” The release of 2008 Mumbai attacks mastermind Hafiz Saeed, has given the Congress ammo to speak the BJP government, ahead of Gujarat Assembly elections next month. The US President has also asked the Pakistan government to re-arrest the Saeed and charge for his crimes.

On Friday the Mumbai attack mastermind Saeed was released from house arrest, after the order of Pakistan court. Coming out of house arrest, the JuD chief said against the India and said he would try to help Kashmiris get their “destination of freedom” and gather people across Pakistan for the “cause of Kashmir”.

The US government was announced for dreaded terrorist carries a bounty of $10 million for his role in terror activities. Saeed has been under detention since January this year and was put under house arrest in Pakistan after the Mumbai attack but was also released about six months later in June 2009.

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