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Rahul Gandhi should marry with a Brahmin girl of UP, Says TDP MP

Rahul Gandhi should marry with a Brahmin girl of UP, Says TDP MP

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP JD Diwakar Reddy claims that when he was in Congress, he suggested to Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi that her son should marry a Brahmin Girl because Brahmins are dominating in UP. I suggested to her that get Rahul married to a good Brahmin girl. But Sonia Gandhi did not consider my point. Reddy was in Congress before joining TDP. In 2014, he contested the parliamentary elections on TDP ticket from Anantapur seat in Andhra Pradesh. When he was in the Congress, he attended the assembly six times from Congress’ side.

In a function, he repeated the incident that I had suggested the marriage with a Brahmin girl so that Rahul could become PM. He also said the logic behind it. He said that if someone wants to become prime minister, then it is necessary to get the wishes of the people of UP. As long as their prayers do not go together, no one can become Prime Minister.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi’s photographs were being viral on social media with Congress legislator Aditi Singh from Rae Bareli’s Sadar seat in UP earlier this year. It was said that Rahul and Aditi can soon get married. Later, Aditi gave a clean sweep and described it as propaganda of the Karnataka elections. She had said that a rumor of Rahul’s marriage to him is being planned to break the Congress in the Karnataka elections. Earlier, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale had suggested that Rahul should marry a Dalit girl. Athawale had said that Rahul should marry a Dalit girl because racism cannot be removed from eating the food with this community. If he really wants to remove it, then he should marry with a Dalit Girl. 

Rahul had said in a reply to a question recently, ‘This is an old question. I believe in the fate. ‘ Athawale, leader of the BJP-led NDA constituent, the Dalit leader of the Republican Party of India, had said that he would help the Congress leader to find his better half.


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