Rahul Gandhi is holding public meetings in Vadodara today during his Navsarajan Yatra in poll-bound Gujarat. He visited Gujarat for the upcoming Assembly election campaign. Rahul Gandhi’s Navsarajan Yatra is said to be the election campaign of Congress in Gujarat. And on the second day of his Yatra from Vadodara to the tribal district of central Gujarat, Chhota Udaipur Congress pitched Battle across the state. Rahul Gandhi the Vice President of Congress leaves no chance to criticise BJP in his speech or the social media. He always came with some new statements targetting BJP and PM Modi.

In the today’s address to the Gujarat state, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi doesn’t want to be the Prime Minister but he wants to be the chowkidar (gatekeeper) of the nation before the 2014 elections. He added that the theft happened in front of gatekeeper, so the PM Modi was a gatekeeper or a partner. And Rahul Gandhi also said that BJP has first started their Beti Bachao program which is now changed to bete ko bachao.

Rahul Gandhi statement to save son is referring to the Amit Shah’s son. While addressing Vadodara people at Karjan Rahul Gandhi said that on one side PM Modi talks about StartUp India while on another side the moves like GST and demonetisation has ruined the small business owners of the nation.

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