Rahul Gandhi declared unchallenged president of Indian National Congress party

Rahul Gandhi declared unchallenged president of Indian National Congress party
Written by Abhishek Rana

Rahul Gandhi has become the leader of the Congress party, unopposed by anyone from his party. All of his papers that were filed have been found to be valid, and according to all the formalities, he is officially the leader of the party. The statement letter issued by the Congress committee stated that no one else had stood up for the position. The announcement was no surprise as it had been long of his face being used and talks were doing the rounds of Rahul Gandhi becoming the leader of party in recent past.

During the press conference, M Ramachandranan, announced, “Rahul Gandhi has been elected president of the Indian National Congress.” His voice rang clear and loud, and has now taken shape of the cries to thousand people who support the Congress party, as they celebrate this thoroughly expected conclusion.

Rahul has been busy with the promotion campaign for the seat of Gujarat, and his speeches have ranged from being angry toward the administration and authorities to being dismissive of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. He has made his contempt for the BJP party quite clear and has been asking the people of Gujarat to choose his party for the electoral Chief Minister this time.

Rahul has also accused the Gujarat government of destroying the lives of the Native people of the state, stealing their land from them and not giving them anything in return. He has also said that the leaders of the  BJP party do not know how to talk to others, and that the Prime Minister has failed to bring “Ache Din”, or Good days in the lives of many common people. He has also accused them of doing politics based on religion.  Rahul has become one of the most recognizable politicians of India.

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