Rahul Gandhi attacked in Gujarat: Congress says won’t be intimidated by BJP, RSS’ cult of violence

Rahul Gandhi attacked in Gujarat: Congress says won’t be intimidated by BJP, RSS’ cult of violence

On Saturday condemning the “potentially fatal” attack on party Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s cavalcade in Gujarat, the Congress said that it won’t be cowed down by the “cult of violence and intimidation” that the followers of Nathuram Godse espouse, referring to the RSS and BJP. Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said that theirs was a 130-year-old party that has seen many ups and downs and its leaders won’t be scared by such tactics.

“This stone could kill a human. What was the police doing Let me say that Rahul Gandhi and Congress party won’t be intimidated by such tactics,” Sharma said as he showed a piece of the concrete boulder, that was allegedly hurled at the car of Gandhi in Gujarat on Friday. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala accused the Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani of shielding the goons who perpetrated the attack. “We have lodged a complaint of ‘murderous assault’ against four BJP workers, but the police has not registered an FIR so far,” Surjewala said.

He alleged that the BJP-led Gujarat administration deliberately ignored the protocol that is followed in case of an SPG protectee, as Rahul Gandhi is. “Let’s tell them that Godsewaad did not succeed in 1948, and it would neither succeed now. It is Gandhiwaad that has prevailed and will prevail,” he said. On Friday, Rahul Gandhi faced hostile black-flag waving crowds shouting slogans in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tour of flood hit Dhanera town in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district, forcing him to beat a retreat. His car was also pelted with stones, shattering some windows.

Rahul Gandhi has also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party for the attack on his convoy in Gujarat, saying that it was “the style of politics pursued by the BJP and RSS”. Nathuram Godse, a Hindu Mahasabha member and perceived close to RSS founder Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, assassinated Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948.

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