Rahul Gandhi asks and slams BJP about Native lives in Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi asks and slams BJP about Native lives in Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi has spoken against BJP Party’s treatment of the Native’s in Gujarat, and stated that the government has destroyed the lives of Native community because of its refusal to grant them the necessary provisions. In a tweet, written in Hindi language, and titled “10th question” has slammed the government for taking away the land from the Native population in Gujarat. He also wrote that the Native’s were denied their rights to the forests, education and good hospitals and medical facilities to them. It seems that Rahul has taken another shot against the BJP government’s actions in Gujarat. He also asked about why the natives were never given jobs and where are the 55 crore of funds that were previously given for their welfare. According to Rahul, the Native’s have been mistreated by the Gujrati Government, and by extension, BJP for at least 22 years.

Yesterday, Rahul had tweeted that BJP has been very disrespectful towards the population of Gujarat, because even though the campaign is now over there is no Manifesto about the promises made by the BJP party if they come into power this year. Rahul has been furiously campaigning for his party, and after the disappointing performance in Uttar Pradesh local elections, he has been facing criticism and derision from every corner of the political landscape.

From the accusations of not being a Hindu, to being unable to win an election in his own district, Rahul has still been campaigning for elections in Gujarat. But her did condemn the comments made by Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer to address Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Neech) in his tweets, he also said that BJP Party members always use disrespectful language towards other members of the other parties. He did ask Mr. Mani Shankar to apologize to the PM, and other people who might be hurt by his language.

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