Rahul Dravid feeling overwhelmed by outpouring birthday wishes on his 46th birthday

Rahul Dravid feeling overwhelmed by outpouring birthday wishes on his 46th birthday

Rahul Dravid turned 46 today and absolutely feeling overwhelmed over love he is receiving from his Indian cricket team fellows and his fans from all over the globe. Dravid is considered as one of the legendary batsmen of his time. After building his success stories he is now currently working on creating new brilliant team as a coach for Under 19 team. During his cricket career, Dravid have left no stone unturned. He was awarded with many success stories and acquired numerous powerful wins of his lifetime. He was Awarded ICC Test Player of the year in 2004. He achieved number three position as batsman and Wisden Cricketer of the year in 2000.

The social media account of Dravid started flooded with all the love and respect from his teammates, fans and loved ones but Virendra Sehwag birthday wish stole the show on Twitter. After checking his birthday wishes on social media, Dravid expressed his gratitude to everyone. He also said he will soon share his birthday celebration picture with everyone with a promise to stay more active on social media.

Dravid is enjoying his mentor-ship with Indian U-19 currently. His skills speak for itself, his U-19 team also lifted the world cup in 2018. Everyone in Indian cricket team love and adore his mentoring and guidance skills. Dravid’s whole career reflected as one hard working sports man who have brought great in Indian Cricket team. He has done so much for Indian team and still shining through his skills.

Rahul Dravid is one humble man who changed the game with his complete dedication and love towards Indian Team. Today on his 46th birthday, we wish him a great success and life full of blessings ahead. He totally deserves to be remembered for putting the Indian Cricket Team ahead always. He is everything our team needs to take forward the team.


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