Punjab National Bank scam: Nirav Modi’s passport suspended

Punjab National Bank scam: Nirav Modi’s passport suspended

Nirav Modi, the famous jeweler, who has fled the country in the wake of  accusations against him, of running a scam of Rs. 11,300 crore on Punjab National Bank (PNB), his passport has been suspended, along with his business partner Mehul Choksi. Their passports are going to get cancelled if they don’t return to India in four weeks. The Interpol has also been reported and are looking for Nirav’s location. Nirav had fled the country on 1 January, as the Chief Bureau of Investigation  began to look into the case of fraud, cheating, and money laundering on the leads of the Punjab National Bank, which had expressed doubts that the officials within the organization have been in cahoots with him.

The Punjab National Bank scam is being considered one of the biggest scams of the decade, and the law is finally tightening its grasp on Nirav’s crimes, as the raids will continue on his properties and other offices. Meanwhile, Actress Priyanka Chopra has also sued him for not giving her adequate fee for the ad campaign.

The officials conducting the  raids have said that their goal would be to recover almost all of the fraud-ed or laundered money, as they have only recovered only some portion of the assets that had been illegally gathered by the mogul. On the political landscape, the Congress party has already begun to lob accusations at the BJP party for poor governance, while the latter has said that the scam had been put into motion during their rule.

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