Punjab National Bank scam: CBI questions Vipul Ambani, passport seized

Punjab National Bank scam: CBI questions Vipul Ambani, passport seized
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Central Bureau of Investigation questioned Vipul Ambani and have seized his passport, in the case of Punjab National Bank fraud case. Vipul was among the 11 officials who were questioned by the Bureau. Vipul is the chief financing officer of diamond merchant Nirav Modi’s Firestar International company. Brady House branch in Mumbai was also raided by the authorities and the investigation is still continuing there. Banks have been notified by the Bureau that they should report any kinds of irregularities that are mentioned in the record, through which any evidence of fraud or cheating can be detected by the establishments. Now, the reports are coming that Vipul’s passport has been seized by the authorities.

Vipul is the son of Dhirubhai’s younger brother Natubhai Ambani. Also, the Reliance company has also come under the line of investigation by the CBI, but even if there hasn’t been any sort of compliant against them, there had been some interviews by the agency for checking.

Nirav Modi still remains out of the country, even though his passport has been restricted and is going to be suspended in four weeks time if he doesn’t surrender himself t the authorities. He left the country on 1 January when the CBI began its investigation, based on the complaint by the PNB bank when it spotted some irrgularities in its records and wondered if the officials inside the corporation were helping the organization.

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