Pulse Polio drive 2018, second phase started today

Pulse Polio drive 2018, second phase started today

Pulse Polio drive second schedule has started from today. After declaring Polio free India by World Health Organisation, this is the second phase of this scheme. In Nizamabad, A total of 1,007 stationary, 36 mobiles and 18 transportation booths has been set up for the programme. As part of the nationwide increased pulse polio immunisation campaign to be held on March 11, Mysore and Hyderabad have established 43,051 booths to immunise children between the ages of 0 and 5. The first round of Pulse Polio was held on 28 January 2018.  The booths have been set up at all central health centres, noon meal centres, government hospitals, and other famous places. The booths will function from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Children who have been immunised recently must also be given polio drops on the campaign day. All newborns must be given the polio drops.

The District Medical & Health department has made detailed arrangements for leading the second phase of pulse polio programme which has been started from March 11 to 13 across the district KADAPA. As many as 3,17,566 children below five years of age in the area would be dispensed polio drops in the 3-day event. A statement from the Chennai city corporation said though India had been declared free of polio by WHO in 2014, directing the drops becomes imperative as polio is common in neighbouring countries. “It is not an alternative to the regular polio drops given to children, but it is an addition,” the statement said.

The corporation reached 7.5 lakh children in the beginning camp. In the previous two years, the corporation has done a fair coverage of 105% in these camps. Total 6700 government and contracted officers have been set up for this campaign. The camps have been set up at government and private hospitals, and Corporate offices in East Chennai region. Meanwhile, more than 3 lakh children will be benefited by this scheme.

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