Priya Varrier, the Internet sensation becomes a star, Katrina Kaif trolled

Priya Varrier, the Internet sensation becomes a star, Katrina Kaif trolled


Priya Prakash Varrier, who came to public attention after a thirty second clip of the song from her movie Oru Adaar Love, in which plays a school girl, makes cute expressions as she flirts silently with a boy across the room. The clip became viral, and Priya was propelled to instant celebrity status as people fell head over heels for her expressions. She also acquired a record breaking following on Instagram, increasing the followers count to a whopping 2.3 million, which is unprecedented for someone who has featured only for 30 seconds in a 3 minutes song for the movie.

Priya’s fame isn’t shocking, as the Internet can easily make or break any person in a matter of days, but it is interesting that people are so enamored by her and her acting skills. She is obviously enjoying and is flattered by this boom; she became the most google searched female Indian celebrity of the year, beating out actress’ like Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

Speaking of which, the praise for Priya has curdled into trolling of Katrina, as people are mocking the actress for her acting skills and tweeting how Priya has more expression in a 30 second clip than Katrina has managed to do in her entire career. What began as a joke has now begun a troll for actress’ who aren’t known for their dramatic skills, as people are comparing Priya to their movie roles. It is not only unfair, but mean spirited and in bad taste to prop up one woman while looking down on another.


She sees in black and white, Thinks in greys, But loves in colour?

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