Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech at Parliament during the Budget session today. As Modi began his speech, it was clear that he wasn’t going to be timid with his words, and he trashed the Congress party, as well as the Gandhi family as he continued to speak to the people in attendance. But he did encourage the youth of India, saying that the younger generation aspires to change India, and that they have the energy and enthusiasm for it. The government is giving them chances to progress in their careers and achieve success in their fields. Modi also said that no one should spread rumors about unemployment in the country and the truth is actually entirely different to what people are being led to believe.

He said that saying something won’t actually make it true, and that people should look at the progress of North India, where Congress party had completely failed to do anything substantial for its citizens. He asked people to visit the states in North India and see the level of success that people and organizations have achieved there.

Modi then discussed the effects of Adhaar card and other decisions that have been taken by the government, which have help improve the quality of people’s lives. And then he attacked Congress, claiming that they would never be able to carry something like GST and weren’t able to react in any way to its success. He ended the speech by saying that if the opposition party wants to achieve anything they must have a big heat.

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