President Ram Nath Kovind will visit Jharkhand on 17th anniversary of the State

President Ram Nath Kovind will visit Jharkhand on 17th anniversary of the State
Written by Shilpi Gupta

On the 17th anniversary of Jharkhand, on 15 November, the state has invited the president of Indian on foundation day. The President Ram Nath Kovind will visit Jharkhand to the celebrations of the foundation day of state. On his maiden visit, as a president, he will pay tributes to freedom fighter Birsa Munda at his statue at Birsa Chowk in Ranchi state. President Kovind will grace on the foundation day of Jharkhand and inaugurate the foundation stones of various projects in Ranchi. In an event organized by Satsang society of Ranchi, the committee will gift the translation of Bhagwat Geeta to the president of India.

Jharkhand is suffering from serious issues of poverty and week administration even after 17 years of becoming an independent state. Around 40 percent people below poverty line in India belongs to Jharkhand. Almost, 20 percent of infants and children are suffering from malnutrition in the state.

Inadequate jobs and increasing unemployment pushing the farmers to sell their land for survival. The industrialists, buying the land and they are not only exploiting the wealth of the state but instead of supporting the development, by eliminating the forests, contaminating the groundwater.

According to the state government and the central government, Jharkhand had to suffer the highest damage from Naxal terrorists. The government says that due to the occupation and attacks of Maoists, most government schemes could not be effectively implemented in the state. Apart from the deteriorating industrial environment due to the Naxal terrorist, many big projects are lagging behind or hanging for years.

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