Pradyuman Murder case: Teenage convict to be tried as adult

Pradyuman Murder case: Teenage convict to be tried as adult
Written by Abhishek Rana

There has been a new development in the Pradyuman Murder case, as  the convict, who is seventeen years old is going to be tried as an adult in the court. Pradyuman was murdered on September 8 2017. There had been doubts as to whether the boy convicted of murdering Pradyuman would be tried as a juvenile, but as the parents of the victim had appealed to the court that he be tired as an adult, their appeal was agreed upon. Sushil Tekriwal, who is presenting the case from the parent’s side has said that because the severity of the crime cannot be overlooked, the accused boy is surely going to be tried as adult. Varun Thakur also commented on the decision, thanking the judiciary and saying that even though the journey is long to obtain the justice, they’re still going to fight it because of his son and other children who are vulnerable from murderers.

Pradyuman, who was seven years old, and studied at Ryan International School had been murdered in the early hours of school timings in the boys toilet by the sixteen year old accused. The case shocked the nation, and as the police at first mishandled the evidence on the crime scene, the conductor of the school bus, Ashok Kumar was convicted of slitting Pradyuman’s throat.

However, as the case was taken over by the CBI, it was revealed that a sixteen year old student, studying in the eleventh class, had indeed been responsible for Pradyuman’s murder because he had wanted to avoid giving test on that day. At first, not much substantial evidence had been found against the teenager, until the CCTV footage showed that he had been the last one to leave the bathroom aka the crime scene. Another suspicious detail in the case was that the teenager had told his students not study for exams because they won’t be giving it the next day.

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