Pradyuman Murder case: Gurugram court rejects bail plea or accused teenager

Pradyuman Murder case: Gurugram court rejects bail plea or  accused teenager

Gurugram Court Justice, Jasbir Singh Kundu has now rejected the bail plea for the teenager who has been accused of murdering the 7 year old child, Pradyuman Thakur in the washroom of the premises of the Ryan International School. It was also ruled that from now on, the case will be continue through In-Camera proceedings in closed doors. Earlier, the court had also reserved the plea for bail, after listening to the complaints by CBI, and the counsel for the accused teenager. The plea had been made because the defense counsel had complained that the CBI had been unable to the charge sheet within a month, as it had been stated Juvenile Justice Act and that they hadn’t been handed the correct documents.

The CBI countered that the charge sheet could be filed within a period of 90 days, and as mentioned in the CrPC provisions, because the teenager is going to be tried as an adult by the Juvenile Justice court.

This is another shock to the teenager and his family. Pradyuman had been murdered with a knife, and had suffered to slashes on his throat. He had been unable to scream for help as he died because his vocal chords had been severed because of the assault. At first, it had been reported that the bus conductor of the school, Ashok Kumar was responsible for Pradyuman’s murder, until it was found out by the CBI that the teenage had told his class about not studying for the exam next day. The teenager later on confessed to killing Pradyuman, presumably to avoid giving the examination. He had also purchased a knife to commit the murder.

When the news first broke out, the nation expressed shock about the incident, and the school authorities were also blamed for being unequipped with the kind of security measures that would have helped avoid the murder of a small child.

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