Pradyuman Murder Case: Haryana Police says didn’t get much time for investigation

Pradyuman Murder Case: Haryana Police says didn’t get much time for investigation

After the new twist in a Pradyuman murder case, Gurugram Police defended themselves for suspecting Ashok Kumar. As yesterday, CBI had arrested the 11th class student by claiming that he committed Pradyuman murder. Also, CBI gives a clean chit to Ashok Kumar, and questioned Haryana Police for accusing him. As per the reports, in a press meeting, Gurugram Police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar defended Gurugram police for accusing Ashok Kumar. He said police did not get much time for the investigation. Also, they have not filed charge sheet against him.

However, there is a major difference between the investigation of CBI and Gurugram Police. As Gurugram Police showed a different scenario of the murder. They said that conductor Ashok killed Pradyuman after he tried to sexually abuse him and when Pradyuman tried to get escape, Ashok killed him with a knife.

Also, the central agency has provided clean chit to Ashok Kumar who was earlier arrested by the Gurugram police for Pradyuman murder. While yesterday CBI presented 11th class student to the juvenile court. The sources said that accused was quite popular in the school, as he used to play the piano and his classmates also explained about his rude behaviour. And reports are coming that during investigation students confessed that he had committed Pradyuman murder.

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