Pradyuman Murder case: Ashok Kumar granted Bail

Pradyuman Murder case: Ashok Kumar granted Bail
Written by Abhishek Rana

Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor who was accused of murdering Pradyuman Thakur has now been released on Bail. Askhok was arrested on 8 September, in suspicion of the murder of a school boy from Ryan International School. Pradyuman, who studied in 2nd class had been murdered in his school premises, barely 10 minutes after his father dropped him off with his older sister, at precisely 7:55. Ashok Kumar was arrested seven hours after the incident, and the police claimed that he had tried to sexually assault Pradyuman, and then killed him with a knife, which was presumably found in his possession. There had been no sign of sexual assault done to Pradyuman.

“The bail was granted under Article 21 of the constitution. There were lot of differences between findings of CBI and Haryana Police. We were given benefit of doubt,” Anil Kumar, who is the lawyer of Ashok, commented on the situation.

A student from 11th class had been under suspicion of murdering Pradyuman, presumably in the hopes that his exams will be postponed. The police was heavily criticized for botching up the evidence on the crime scene, because there had been no spot of blood on the boy’s body and no other evidence to link him to the murder, other than a warning to his classmates that they won’t have to give exam that day.


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