Pongal, the Quintessential festival in Tamil Calendar.

Pongal, the Quintessential festival in Tamil Calendar.

The four-day long harvest festival, Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India. For so long, people plant grains and food, so there is some harvest festival as well. It is one of the important festivals in the year of Hindu culture. The long four-day festival involves thanksgiving to nature, and the word has been taken from the Tamil word meaning “to boil”, also held in the month of January-February, during the season of rice, sugar-cane, turmeric when harvested.
Mid of January is considered pious time in the Tamil calendar. The Pongal festival usually falls on the 14th or 15th January, every year. And is a classic in Tamil festival. It is the traditional festival, which is celebrated to thanks, nature, for celebrating the life-cycle that give us food and grains. Some superstitions also involve when Tamilians say ‘Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum’, and believes that all the problems in the families will be resolved with the advent of the Tamil festival, Pongal. Also, considered to be the wedding season in Tamil Nadu, the riches gains from the great harvest on Pongal and form the expensive weddings on the economic basis.
A village in Vizianagaram district celebrated the Pongal festival on Monday unlike the rest of Andhra Pradesh.every year, the festival celebrations begin on Sunday before Ponal in Itakarlapalli, the village of Cheepurupalle. In the four- day festival, Kanuma will be celebrated on Tuesday, where the villages celebrated a week ahead this year.

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