Poila Boishaksh, New year for Bengali people

Poila Boishaksh, New year for Bengali people
Written by Abhishek Rana

Poyla Baishakh, or Polia Boishakh is celebrated as the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated on April 15, although in Bangaldesh it is celebrated on April 14, and is considered a National Holiday. Poula Baishakh also follows lunisolar calender, and first day of Baisakh. And it also ties with the other Indian New Year festivals, like Vishu, for the people of Kerala, and Baisakhi for the Sikh community. Pahela Baishakh is also conisdered a regional holiday for the people of Bengal. The festival is celebrated with adornments and prayers, as people usher in the New Year in their homes and the lives of the family members.

Bengali people usually begin the day by cleaning their homes and then adorning the floors with rangolis, which is also called as alpana. In the centre of the alpana, they place a kalash, which is filled with water, and capped with several mango leaves; the kalash is also marked with Swastika, which is the Holy symbol in Hindu religion.

Ganesha, the god of beginning and Lakshmi are remembered in prayers on this day, as people ask for a good year ahead and new beginnings that will bring happiness in their lives. People also take a dunk in the rivers to wash off all their sins and pray to the gods for mercy and a new beginning.

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