PM Narendra Modi speech in Indonesia; Addressed Indian community in Indonesia

PM Narendra Modi speech in Indonesia; Addressed Indian community in Indonesia

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday started his five-day tri-nation tour to Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. He began his tour from Indonesia, where he paid homage to martyrs of Indonesian independence struggle by laying a wreath at the iconic Kalibata National Heroes’ Cemetery in Jakarta. This is the first-time-ever in Indian history when any Indian Prime Minister official visit to Indonesia. Earlier, PM Modi met Indonesian President Joko Widodo and discussed bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas, including maritime, investment, and trade. He will hold talks to cement the political, economic and strategic interest of the two friendly maritime neighbours.

In his speech, PM Modi said to the Indian community in Jakarta.,”You are equally committed to your roots in India as you are to Indonesia, many of you are Indonesians but India is there in your hearts. Both India and Indonesia have a sensitive outlook when it comes to helping those in need. We do not see the colour of anyone’s passport, we help our fellow humans who require any assistance”.

Modi once again repeated the slogan of New India. He said that we all have to make New India by 2022. At the same time, the Modi said that the old government’s policy was not good, the same system and the same policies still exist, but the speed of development is already faster in India.

“Friends, I am in grief over the deaths of innocent civilians of Indonesia in the recent terror attacks. India strongly condemns such attacks and stands with Indonesia in its fight against terrorism,” Modi said in a press statement after his talks with President Joko Widodo. In the last sentence of the speech Modi Said,” Many of you may never have been to India. I invite you all to come to India for the Kumbh in Prayag next year”. We have gone a step ahead of ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ Our focus is ‘Ease of Living.’ Our processes are transparent and sensitive

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