PM Modi stops at Shimla’s Indian Coffee House pose for selfies with common people

PM Modi stops at Shimla’s Indian Coffee House pose for selfies with common people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on the mall road of Shimla on Wednesday with the general public. During this, the PM continued to drink coffee and people were competing with them for a selfie with Prime Minister of the country. Modi had come to attend the swearing-in ceremony of new CM Jairam Thakur of Himachal Pradesh. After the ceremony, they had to go back to Delhi, he was returning helipad with his convoy. Meanwhile, he stayed at the Indian Coffee House there in Shimla mall road. This is the old and famous Indian Coffee House of Shimla on this road. Let me tell you that when Modi used to work for the party, he had spent a lot of time in Himachal Pradesh and especially in Shimla.

There were thousands of people on both sides of the road and they all wanted to see the PM Modi. He began to taste the coffee of this famous shop of mall road. During this time many people kept taking selfies with them. Modi has spent a lot of time in Shimla before becoming CM of Gujarat. In an election rally last week, the Prime Minister recalled Shimla while remembering his old days. He had told that he used to stay here from the party’s work. PM Modi had also said that how he used to talk to his colleagues at the same Indian Coffee House in Mall Road.

Modi had said that in this Indian Coffee House he used to meet journalists and many other people and tried to understand the state’s political developments. You would be surprised to know that Prime Minister also said In those days he did not pay for coffee from his pocket. Their journalist friends used to do his work and they only pay for him too. 

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