PM Modi at all party meeting- Violence in the name of cow can’t be tolerated

PM Modi at all party meeting- Violence in the name of cow can’t be tolerated
Written by Pallavi Parmar

On Sunday India Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the violence in the name of cow protection cannot be tolerated and he also asked the state governments to act very tough against those people who are taking law in their hands. The all party meeting ahead of Parliament’s monsoon session that begins on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told MP’s that law and order was a state matter or subject. So, as such the state government needed to act strictly against those who easily and fearlessly committing violence in the name of the cow. The Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananthkumar told the reporters by quoting the PM Modi’s words at the meeting in Parliament House that “The central government has sent advisories to the state governments. Law and order are the state subject. As such, very tough action should be taken against those resorting to violence in the name of cow protection”.

According to the reports, PM Modi said that some of the political parties were painting cow protection with communal colour and taking political advantages that are not beneficial for the country. Prime minister Modi told all parties that the race which has been started to score political benefit after painting the cow protection with the communal colour will not do anything good for the country and it is not benefitted for our country. According to AnanthKumar PM Modi also said that “There is a law on cow protection in the country. But committing crimes in the name of cow protection out of personal animosities cannot be tolerated,”. The opposition has vowed to raise the issue in Parliament, seeking answers from the government on what it was doing to end the violence that has claimed many lives in the country.


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