PM Modi inaugurates Oil Refinery in Barmer today; Criticises Congress

PM Modi inaugurates Oil Refinery in Barmer today; Criticises Congress
Written by Pallavi Parmar

PM Narendra Modi launched commencement of work of an oil refinery in Barmer district. Today, the Prime Minister of India visited Rajasthan’s Barmer district. In another hit on Congress, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Congress and Drought are twin brothers, Congress is where drought is there, said in public meeting. He added that just for few applause in Parliament some people made promises which they could never keep. The PM Modi has also criticised Congress for its previous misleading rail budgets.

He said some people mislead citizens often and misleading the nation on Barmer refinery is not the exception, it is the norm when it comes to them. And added there are several areas in which they have been misleading the nation for years. PM Modi inaugurated the commencement of work of an oil refinery at Pachpadra. The foundation of this oil refinery laid by Sonia Gandhi, the former Congress President four years ago. The Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted out saying that HRRL’s Barmer Refinery and Petrochemicals Project will bring unprecedented flow in the infrastructure development and the improvement of health services.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the public meeting of the oil refinery inauguration said remember how much problems person faced to get a gas cylinder. He also said that for gas cylinders one had to go to MP’s for a letter whereas many MP’s sold coupons in black. He said it would not be acceptable for me that women of India should suffer due to lack of cooking gas facilities. In the opposition, PM Modi said for them Garibi Hatao was an attractive slogan, they nationalised the banks but never opened it for poor. He said Jan Dhan Yojana changes this scenario and the poor has finally got the access to banking facilities.

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