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PM Modi addressed Public rally in Sant kabir Nagar, slams SP-BSP

PM Modi addressed Public rally in Sant kabir Nagar, slams SP-BSP
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived on Thursday (June 28th) at the place of Saint Kabir Nagar in Uttar Pradesh on the occasion of the 620th Deepali festival of Sufi Kabir Das. He first arrived at the monument of Saint Kabir Das and offered flowers. He also offered ‘chadar’ at Sant Kabir’s Mazar in Maghar and laid a foundation stone at the cost of Rs 24 crore in Maghre, the Kabir Academy. After this, he addressed a rally on this occasion. In this rally, he targeted the Uttar Pradesh’s leading opposition namely SP and BSP and said,”Some people don’t want peace in the society, they want discord. Such people are cut off from the society. They do not know the reality. They did not read Saint Kabir. PM Modi said, even today, we see people who talk of socialism and multinationalism are entangled for power.

PM Modi again raised the issue of “Teen-Talaq” on this occasion. While addressing the crowd, he said that for the women of Muslim society, we brought the law on Teen-Talaq but some parties in the parliament are still stuck in it. After this, he remembered former President Abdul Kalam on this occasion. Earlier, PM Modi arrived in the morning on Lucknow. Here he was welcomed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. On this occasion, other Cabinet officials were present along with him.

Before the PM Modi, Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath addressed the crowd, “BJP is not a government of any religion or section. India has a trusting atmosphere. A large number of people are living in the country. The direct benefit of government schemes is reaching the poor. He further said the government is working in the interest of the poor. The country is running on the progress way. CM Yogi said, in the last four years, there was no single charge of corruption in the government.

On this occasion, PM also greeted Amarnath pilgrims. PM Modi recalling the couple’s sibling, said that there is no need for any dictionary to understand Kabir’s Doha’s. Kabir was a truth, so everyone got it. He born like a thought and immortalized by his behavior, and work.


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