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Pitru Paksha 2018: Shradh tithi, mahalaya shraddha dates and Timings

Pitru Paksha 2018: Shradh tithi, mahalaya shraddha dates and Timings
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Pitru Paksha 2018 has begun, which will continue for the next sixteen days. These days, Shradh is followed for the peace of the souls of the departed members of their houses. This time sometime this Shraddha started from the day of full moon, then on 24th September, only the first Shraddha was followed. But there are also some special dates of Shraddha. According to these dates, the individual members are given one and a half times for the whole sixteen days. It is believed that according to the date in Hindu religion, Shradha is being followed. Without any dates, no revered aristocrats reach. It does not bring peace to their soul nor they are pleased. Therefore, according to the dates given here, put Shraddha to his ancestors.

Pitru Paksha Shradh Dates and Tithi

  1. September 24 – Purnima Shraddha – From the day after this full moon, the patriarch begins.
  2. September 25 – Pratipada – This day, the maternal grandfather is celebrated. Whether his date of death is known or not.
  3. September 26- Dwitiya September 27 – Trittia
  4. September 28 – Chaturthi 
  5. September 29- Panchami, Maha Bharni – Shraddha of unmarried members is done on the day of Panchami.
  6. September 30- Sasthi
  7. 1 October – Saptami
  8. October 2 – Ashtami – Your father’s Shradh should be done on this day.
  9. October 3 – Navami – Your Mother’s Shraddha should be done on this day. Also on this day, the ancestors of Shraddha, who died on the date of the twelfth day of both the Shukla and Krishna Paksha.
  10. 4th October-Dashami
  11. October 5th – Ekadashi
  12. October 6- Dvashashi
  13. October 7 – Triodashi, Chaturdashi, Madiha Shraddha – The person who died in an accident on the date of Chaturdhi or after death (Suicide, murder by a tool) is done, whether his death has taken place at any other date. Also on this day, the Shraddha of children is also done.
  14. October 8 – Sarvpitra Amavasya – This is a very special day for the patriarch. It is also called Mahayana Shraddha. The person who is not able to do Shraddha on the date given earlier can do Shraddha on this day.

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