Ransomware Petya infect millions : Check steps to prevent and fix ‘wannacry’ variant

Ransomware Petya infect millions : Check steps to prevent and fix ‘wannacry’ variant

Several big conglomerate have been targeted by Ransomware Petya , including Russian steel and oil companies, Evraz and Rosneft , Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk, Ukraine’s central bank, state power provider were among the infected. Ransomware per latest reports have affected more than 80 big organizations worldwide. Petya’s origin country is speculated to be Ukraine, from where the infection started.

Petya Ransomware’s 300$ Demand

Petya Ransomware victims have claimed that after infection, Ransom ware in a message asks for 300$ in bitcoins to decrypt the encrypted files. Security experts have advised not to heed into ransomware demands and a fix is underway to restore the files.

Security Software companies vs  Petya Ransomware ?

Some of the renowned security companies, including Symantec, Kaspersky and Avira have already released a patch to prevent infection of Petya Ransomware. Any communication about the recovery of already infected Petya Ransomware’s computer is awaited from any of them.

Ransomware Petya Origin and how does it exploit systems

Ransomware targets system with Eternalblue SMB vunerability , which is speculated to be exploited by United States National Security Agency for its use. Microsoft’s Operating systems which are not patched (MS17-010) can expect their systems to be targeted.

How to Protect yourself from Ransomware Petya,  Prevent and Fix

Computer users using Microsoft operating system can patch their system as mentioned in ms17-010 security advisory

Already infected users with Ransomware Petya can run Symantec’s Norton eraser tool to clean it from the system. If it doesnt work , then symantec provides an option of running Norton Bootable recovery tool.

How to detect Eternalblue vunerability in a computer network

Metasploit framework is a security software for researchers and analysts usually used for vunerability assessment. You can also test waters , to check if any systems in your technology infrastructure can be attacked due to EternalBliss vunerability.

Step 1 : Download and Install metasploit or armitrage

Step 2 : Enter Metasploit Console by typing msfconsole command

Step 3 : Enter below commands with custom option

msf > use exploit/windows/smb/ms17_010_eternalblue

msf > show targets

msf > set target TARGETOPTION

msf > show options


msf > exploit

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