Petrol and Diesel Price in Madhya Pradesh: Chief Minister cuts back VAT

Petrol and Diesel Price in Madhya Pradesh: Chief Minister cuts back VAT
Written by Abhishek Rana

Madhya Pradesh has reduced 5% VAT on Diesel and 3% on Petrol and the new prices will be coming into affect by midnight, said Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in a statement on Friday. The announcement has come after  Maharashtra and Gujarat also reduced the prices of petrol and diesel. Prime Minister Modi had previously advised the states to cut back the prices on Petrol and Diesel to give some relief to people and the effect seems to have taken place as the states are now announcing cut backs. Increasing rates of petrol and diesel prices was the reason of consumer inflation in September, with a 5.56 rise in the Index.

The prices for Petrol and Diesel had been on the rise from June and had been climbing high since then. This will surely come as a relief to people, but it isn’t certain if the prices won’t be raised again.

The new change in the prices is certainly a welcome one, and it is going to take some time before other states take the lead of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya pradesh and lower the prices of petrol and diesel. After the news broke, people on social media said that this is a Diwali Gift from the MP government, and it is indeed.


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