Periyar Statue vandalized, Narendra Modi calls for strict action on the culprits

Periyar Statue vandalized, Narendra Modi calls for strict action on the culprits

The statue of Periyar, located inside the Tirupattur corporation office, was targeted around 9 pm. The glasses and nose of the statue were damaged. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for stern action to be taken against the people responsible for the crime. Two men have already been arrested, and according to the reports, one was from BJP party while the other was from CPI. Both were drunk during the incident. The situation began from Tripura, where Lenin’s statue was razed to the ground after the left lost elections in 25 years. The crime was seen as another wrong manner in choosing to celebrate, and the criminals were reported and arrested by the police.

BJP national secretary H Raja wrote on his facebook page, and asked why there was outrage against the demolition of the statue, when India and Lenin have no connection with each other. He deleted the post after being criticized for it.

The recent situation has been condemned by people on social media, like Kushbu Sundar has said that, “Let’s see if BJP has the guts to expel the dirty ‘echchai”raja,” she also added, “and I challenge this sort.. give a date to break the statue of ..I will be there.. let me see if you the guts to surpass me and many like me..even your shadow cannot touch the statue of Periyar.”

Shehzad, from congress on twitter wrote that the vandalism against the Indian idols should be condemned even if people have their own different opinions on them.



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