Pausha Purnima: An opportunity to acquire Salvation

Pausha Purnima: An opportunity to acquire Salvation
Written by Abhishek Rana

It is said that whoever keeps a fast on Paush Purnima, he or she acquires, or becomes closer to salvation, or Moksha. According to Panchanga, the Amayasa and Purnima have much importance for people. Purinma, means when the moon has acquires its full shape, and it has a very auspicious importance for Hindu religion. The literal meaning of Purnima is moon. However, when there is no moon in the sky, that day is considered to be “Amawasya”. As noted, the occasion of Purnima is very auspicious to people in Hindu religion, but the Paush and Maagh months have a special significance for them more than anything else.

In the Paush month, it is believed that people who fast on the first day of the full moon come closer to achieving salvation. After Paush month, the Maagh month begins. The practice of having fast has been going on for eons, as people feel that if you take bath and also hold pooja in your home at the start of the full moon month, they can achieve salvation.

Salvation is the freedom from all the desires and evils of the world and the fullest realization of the human soul. It is believed that after a person acquires salvation, his or spirit resides with god and he or she does not have to take any more births to pay for his sons or to fulfill his or her wishes. Every religion has a different view of salvation, and there are many occasions in the Hindu religion when a person can try to achieve salvation, and this is one of those occasions that are easier and have the utmost importance for many people. The person who fasts for the first day, rises up early in the morning and bathes himself, and then conducts pooja in the honor of the gods.

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