Opposition Parties walks out of Rajya Sabha over mob lynching issue

Opposition Parties walks out of Rajya Sabha over mob lynching issue
Written by Shubham Jain

Opposition walked out of the Rajya Sabha after HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar accused the entire opposition of suffering from “selective amnesia” on lynching cases while the leader of opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad claimed after that the people of RSS have been involved in every communal riot in the country irrespective of who is in the power.

“When I condemn mob lynching, I do not suffer from selective amnesia like some of our Opposition colleagues,” Javadekar said as he mentioned the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the killing of ‘karsevaks’ in Godhra in Gujarat in 2002.

“In 1984, Sikhs were lynched or burnt alive, at least 3,000 of them. In 2002, Ram bhakts returning from Ayodhya were lynched in Godhra. We condemn all such incidents,” the Human Resource Development Minister said.

He said there were 16 mob lynchings in 2012 and 14 in 2013. “Where are the culprits involved in the lynchings in 2012 and 2013? Where are the culprits involved in anti-Sikh riots of 1984?… Very few of them are in jail, rest are roaming free,” he said.

In response, Azad, a senior Congress leader, stood up and retorted: “Let me say that in all the communal riots that occurred in India, people from your ‘parivaar’ were found involved.” He said it was the Congress that fought for the country’s freedom and “not you people”. “We are staging a walkout in protest,” the former Union Minister said.

Congress is trying to find some surface in the Indian politics since past three years and they think that abusing others doing such things will give them the power again.

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