Opposition disrupts parliament over Tarun Vijay comments

Opposition disrupts parliament over Tarun Vijay comments

Reeling under pressure from the statement made by the Eritrean Ambassador to India, who is also the Dean of the African Head of Missions, apparently issued on their behalf, calling the recent attacks on Nigerian students in Greater Noida “xenophobic and racial”, former BJP member of the Rajya Sabha further embarrassed his party and the government on Friday when he claimed in a debate on racism in India on an Al Jazeera panel that “if we were racist, why would we have the entire south (India)… which is you know, completely Tamil, you know Kerala, you know Karnataka and Andhra. Why do we live with them …We have blacks, black people around us. You are denying your own nation, you are denying your ancestry, you are denying your culture.” The comment has drawn widespread criticism from the Opposition parties, and has become the butt of ridicule on Twitter and social media. Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge condemned Vijay’s remarks and demanded an FIR, saying the party will step up demonstrations both inside and outside the House.

Vijay has quickly apologised for his comments, tweeting that it now “sounds ridiculous and was very bad”, but the outrage does not seem to die as of now.

A community has emerged on Twitter asking people to consider Vijay’s comments in the context and not freak over the media propaganda.

While on the other hand, Twitterati have taken digs at Vijay pronouncing the tweets “in a bad taste”. Many disappointed and enraged over the tweets have questioned their South Indian ancestry and the obsession with the fairer skin tone in India. A significant group has taken this opportunity to bring the attention to the deep set color bias in Indian mindset questioning the portrayal of beauty through fairness everywhere from advertisements to South Indian film industries.

While Vijay has been very active on Twitter always, the last few days have been spent specially rebuffing claims of him being racist and dodging the attacks by opposition.

All the attack by opposition has been termed ridiculous by Vijay’s NDA colleagues and eminent party leaders like Rajnath Singh given the fact that Vijay has already apologised publicly and profusely on the given matter.
All this has led to too much drama on the Indian Twitter scene for the past few days and has added fuel to the already burning fire of allegations against ruling NDA.

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