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All opposition is against BJP, RSS; Rahul Gandhi Says

All opposition is against BJP, RSS; Rahul Gandhi Says
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that opposition parties should make an alliance to counter BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, such sentiments are not only leaders but also the people have the same feelings. Rahul further said,”Congress is trying to bring these voices together and the work is going on. He said in a press conference at Mumbai, “Such feelings are not only linked with political parties but also the people have same too. Rahul said, “Prime Minister Modi and BJP are rushing the constitution and THE institutions of the country.” He said that people have a question about how to stop it.

He said that during the UPA government, the price of crude oil was $ 130, which has now fallen to $ 70 per barrel. “Though its benefits were not given to the common man. Where does this rupee go? Might be in the pocket of 15 to 20 rich people?

Uttar Pradesh Mathematical Equation

“It seems that in Uttar Pradesh, opposition parties have decided to form the seat-sharing formula for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in the state. According to some sources, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) will contest the elections on 30 seats each, while Congress could field 10 candidates to their respective constituencies. The remaining 10 Lok Sabha seats are likely to be distributed among small parties like National Lok Dal (RLD), Nishad Party and Others”.

Impact of GST in Mumbai?

Rahul Gandhi said that the opposition is asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring the prices of petrol and diesel into the purview of the goods and services (GST), but he is not interested in it. Addressing the public in Mumbai Rahul targeted the effect of Demonetization in Mumbai and said Here are small industries, businessmen. Here is the leather industry and the textile industry. These were attacked through ‘Gabbar Singh Tax‘. The whole country is unhappy with this. Small entrepreneurs are unhappy and we(Congress Party) are fighting for them. “

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