Operation Blue Star 34th anniversary, Golden Temple secured by police

Operation Blue Star 34th anniversary, Golden Temple secured by police

Today is the 34th Anniversary of the controversial Operation Blue Star that took place between June 1 to June 8 in 1984. The Golden Temple has been secured by the police forces.  It was ordered by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to tackle the religious leader and terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his group of militants from the buildings. The operation was carried out by General Arun Shridhar Vaidya and Lt. Gen. Sundarji, vice chief. The operation was divided into two parts, Operation Metal, which was restricted to the Harmandir Sahib complex, and Operation Shop, which was implemented to arrest the terrorists from Punjab countryside. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale wanted Anandpur resolution, which was a charter of demands by the Akalis.  It was presented by the political party named Shiromani Akali Dal.

Perhaps the most shocking incident during the operation was the invasion of the troops into the Akal Takht, in Golden Temple, which took place on June 5. The soldiers were told not to use their guns inside the Akal Takth, which is considered sacred by the Sikh community. A furious gunfire took place between the terrorists, and the troops, who were trying to enter the Akal Takth, from the back alley, as artillery was employed to explode the heads of  Ramgarhia Bungas.

The Akal Takth had been made solidly impenetrable, with sand bags and gun placements from the windows and the arches to shoot the troops trying to enter the building. The conflict between the army and the terrorists caused a wrenching damage to the sacred place. 80 shells tore apart the Akal Takth. The front was completely shot to bits and fires destroyed the beautiful and intricate art work, and spread out to the back rooms. The golden dome was also destroyed in the assault, with .7-inch Howitzer gun shot at it from a building, which resulted in much destruction.

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