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Why Omar Abdullah is targeting BJP and PDP at the same time?

Why Omar Abdullah is targeting BJP and PDP at the same time?

After the end of the BJP-PDP alliance in Kashmir, the governor’s rule has been imposed in the state. Along with this, the opposition has now got a chance to target the ruling party BJP. National Conference chief Omar Abdullah has targeted the breakdown of this alliance through Tweet debate in his own way. He tweeted the tone of a movie and took this alliance back to the hands. But it is still suspenseful that why he is slamming both the Opposition parties at same times? In Jammu-Kashmir there are 87 seats in the Assembly, and for making the government in the state any political party needs 45 seats clear the majority the majority mark.

Omar Abdullah tweeted, “The PDP & BJP have been watching Bollywood movies for political strategy. This is how they have crafted their “divorce”. A brilliant fixed match, scripted to perfection except the audience aren’t fools & neither are the rest of us”.

Jammu and Kashmir Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is known for his sharp and ironic tweet. This time, he has used a film, which was banned in the country. This film came in 1977. He has tweeted by using a scene from this movie. In this, two leaders talk about their alliance with each other. In it, he explains how we have to work ahead so that we can save our chair. During the Emergency, the film gathered a lot of discussion of “Kissa chair Ka“. It was produced keeping in mind the circumstances of that time. It is believed that at that time Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi were directly involved in the speculation. However, the film was not released yet.

National Conference leader and former chief minister Omar Abdullah priorly had said that we do not want to form a government either in the state or will try to form an alliance government. Regarding this issue, Abdullah met Governor NN Vohra and apprised him of the situation of his party and demanded to implement governor’s rule in the state. Omar Abdullah held a press conference after meeting with the Governor. Omar Abdullah said that we told the governor that our party did not have a majority in 2014 and not even in 2018. Therefore, the governor’s rule should be implemented immediately in the state. We have also assured them of all possible help. We have also demanded to hold elections as soon as possible.

Now equations are becoming more though for all four parties like BJP, Congress, PDP, and NC. If PDP and NC go for an Alliance then why Omar Abdullah is tweeting like this content. Today an Independent MLA from Kashmir demanded and demanded to PDP and NC to form the Government.

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