Oil Companies hikes LPG gas price by Rs 93 today

Oil Companies hikes LPG gas price by Rs 93 today

LPG cylinders Price has been hiked by Rs 93 per cylinder across Delhi. As per the reports, the oil companies on Tuesday has announced a stiff hike in the prices of non-subsidises domestic LPG cylinder by ninety-three rupees. And the subsidised domestic LPG cylinder price will hike up to Rs 4.56 and it will be applicable from today across Delhi. So, the 14kg LPG cylinder will now cost up to Rs 742 and 19kg cylinder will cost Rs 1310.50 across the city. The domestic cooking gas price has hiked too and it will cost Rs 495.69.

However, It is the bad news for the consumers as recently n 1st September the oil companies have increased the prices of the domestic cooking gas or the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices by almost 14% in Delhi. As per the reports, in earlier month hike the domestic cylinder and LPG cylinders will cost a steep hike of Rs 73.50 and now its hike Rs 93 per cooking gas or LPG cylinder.

This continuous hike in the prices of LPG cylinders is not a good for consumers who belongs from the poor family. As it will be difficult for them to afford cylinders and monthly hike in the prices may affect the budget of the individual family. This hike came exactly after the two months when Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan asked state-run oil companies to eliminate all the subsidies by raising LPG cooking gas prices by Rs 4 percent every month.

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