Odisha: Abinash Munda from Tribal community commits suicide in Ainthapalli police station

Odisha: Abinash Munda from Tribal community commits suicide in Ainthapalli police station
Written by Abhishek Rana

Abinash Munda, a teen from the Tribal community of Bhalupali Village, Odisha, allegedly committed suicide after a day of being arrested in the case of theft. He was taken to the Ainthapalli police station, and was discovered hanging from a bed sheet in his jail cell. Sambalpur SP Sanjiv Arora has told that Abinash’s post-mortem is going to be videographed, according to the guidelines of National Human Rights Commission. Abinash’s family, however, have accused the police of torturing their son and forcing him to commit suicide. According to his father, the police had said that Abinash is going to be released after interrogation at the police station, but he didn’t return.

Abinash had been accused of stealing the jewelry that belonged to Ranjan Panda’s daughter. Evidence, the Jewelry, allegedely was found in his house, which seemed to confirm the suspicion of the police. Police authorities took Abinash’s body to the district headquarter hospital where an inquest was conducted with the magistrate and family members present.

He was then taken to the VSS Medical College and Hospital in Burla for the procedure of post mortem. DGP RP Sharma has said that the Inspector who was in charge of the police station, the sentry on the duty, and the diary charge officer have all been put under suspension for their negligent behavior and appropriate actions will be taken against them. Abinash’s suicide has caused a lot of uproar and violence at the village, with people protesting the negligence of the authorities that took his life.

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