Odd-even scheme may returns to Delhi with some new action plan

Odd-even scheme may returns to Delhi with some new action plan
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Odd-even scheme returning to Delhi with a new action plan to overcome increased pollution level of the city. As recently the transport minister urged Delhi government to enrol Odd-even scheme again in Delhi. After Diwali, the pollution level of Delhi has increased to the very poor stage. So, the transport minister Kailash Gahlot has directed the multiple departments to engage public transport into possible implementation of the odd-even rationing scheme. This scheme aimed at reducing the vehicle emission level by imposing restrictions and penalties over the private vehicle with odd-even rationing. And with the odd-even scheme, the transport minister is simultaneously promoting the state-based buses services.

As per the reports, the Odd-even rationing scheme controls the increased pollution level in just two days. And it is one of the successful scheme for overcoming the city’s increased pollution level. With this, the transport minister Kailash Gahlot also directed the Delhi Transport Corporation to submit the action plan to attaining buses into the service.

However, the Environment Pollution Control Authority has already taken some strict measures like shutting down the Badarpur thermal power plant and banning generators to control this increased level of pollution that hits up to very poor category. As per the reports, this time government will come up with some new action plan such as women cannot be excluded from the odd-even scheme also they will provide more DTC’s to the city.

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