Odd-even rule to implement again for increased Delhi pollution level

Odd-even rule to implement again for increased Delhi pollution level
Written by Pallavi Parmar

The pollution level of Delhi has increased after Diwali festival. So, the transport minister Kailash Gahlot asked the Delhi government to resort emergency measures including an odd-even rule to decrease the pollution level of Delhi. As per the report of SAFAR, the pollution level of Delhi has increased as today’s PM2.5 level is 166 and PM10 is 284. And it is expected to increase more in three days. So, to control the level of pollution in Delhi transport ministry urged from Delhi government to again initiate the odd-even policy. And he said that the procurement of the additional buses by DTC is the main component in the odd-even case.

The Transport minister Kailash Gahlot said that a major challenge to implementing this scheme is poor public transport excepting Delhi Metro network. He further added that there are around 4000 DTC buses while over 1600 buses of the Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System runs over the cluster scheme. And the expert says that city needs about eleven thousand buses to cover each and every area of Delhi.

If we see the scenario of 2016 odd-even rule then we get to know the implementation of the odd-even rule drops the intensity of smog within a week also the lower wind speed has noticed a faster drop in pollution. Currently, the pollution level of Delhi hits to very poorly as now there are around 166 PM 2.5 particulates present in the air, that is very harmful to human health. So, to control the increased pollution level Delhi government to implement the odd-even plan again.

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