Odd-Even rule in Delhi from 13th-17th November to control pollution level

Odd-Even rule in Delhi from 13th-17th November to control pollution level

Finally, Delhi Government has decided to implement odd-even rationing scheme from 13th-17th November. As per the reports, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has decided once again to implement Odd-Even rationing rule for controlling the alarming pollution level of Delhi. The odd-even rationing of cars decision came after the National Green Tribunal spanked over Delhi Government and asked why they have not taken any measure to control this toxic air of Delhi. Also, NGT raps Delhi government for not stopping the construction and industrial activities in Delhi. And ordered Delhi along with Punjab, Haryana and U.P. government to stop all the construction work across the state for controlling severe air pollution.

However, today the smog has cleared a little bit as now the visibility is getting clear after the two days. Delhiites were choking because of worst toxic air. And the city woke up with a covering of smog blanket for days. The severe smog in Delhi led to closing down the schools until Monday. Also, the government has now announced to implement to rationing scheme odd-even to control Delhi’s pollution.

After the worst condition of air quality finally, the government has taken measure to control the pollution level. And now from 13th November onwards Delhi will follow odd-even rule until 17th November. This odd-even rule of Delhi will surely help in controlling pollution level.

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