No Stone Pelting in J&K, Villagers welcomed Security forces by Tea and Snacks

No Stone Pelting in J&K, Villagers welcomed Security forces by Tea and Snacks
Written by Abhishek Lohia

After the governor’s rule being imposed in Jammu and Kashmir, the blows of the Valley have changed their stand. This changed haven of the valley was seen during the search operation run by the security forces. On Wednesday, In search of terrorists in the morning, the security forces launched a search operation in some villages of the valley. For the first time during the search operation, the security forces did not face any sort of protest or haven’t suffered any kind of stone-throwing incident. The soldiers became surprised when the villagers offered them tea and snacks. For the first time in Jammu and Kashmir, when the villagers of the valley treated Task forces so well with no fear.

According to senior officials of the security forces, it was reported on Wednesday that some terrorists are hiding in two villages of South and North Kashmir. The two villages whose names were mentioned in the intelligence inputs, both have been defamed for violence for decades. The experience of the security forces was also not good with these villages. Keeping in view its old experiences, the security forces completed all precautionary arrangements before dispatching to these villages.

The security forces feared that they might have to face heavy stone-throwing during the search operation. So the soldiers were divided into several teams. Commandos and snipers were selected for the operation team. Apart from this, the other team was given the responsibility to siege the area. At the same time, the responsibility of the third team was that they would not allow the stone Pelters to enter in the operation area at anyhow.

Before entering the village, the soldiers took stock of their preparations, and one by one, the armored vehicles of the security forces started entering the village. The young men in the armored vehicles tried to get rid of the air on the two sides of the road. In the meantime, after seeing the reactions of the villagers, Security forces realized that there was no fear in the face of villagers. Meanwhile, all the soldiers felt that people were giving them the path without any protest. After this, the security forces completed their search operation in the village peacefully. During the search operation, the security forces could not get any resistance.

Villagers offered Tea-Snacks to Soldiers

After the end of the search operation, when the soldiers were going back to their convoy, some of the villagers came near to the force and said to the soldiers with the utmost kindness, ‘Sir, would you like to take Tea and Snacks.’ This question touched the hearts of the security forces. They knew that it is not easy for the villagers to ask the Forces about tea and snacks. However, Soldiers didn’t take anything from Villagers and thanked them for asking. After this, the security forces went towards their base camp with a new experience.

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