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Nitish Kumar’s decision will not be accepted, RLSP leader Nagmani said

Nitish Kumar’s decision will not be accepted, RLSP leader Nagmani said
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Political corridor of Bihar has become in the limelight on yesterday, after a Dinner party, which was organized by the state BJP for better coordination among the allies comes ahead of the seat-sharing issue for 2019 General Elections. Minister of State for Human Resource Development Upendra Kushwaha said,”Due to personal engagement, I could not attend dinner, all the leaders of our party were present in the banquet, the NDA was united and will remain united for the next general elections. However, Upendra Kushwaha did this status after he not arrive at NDA’s dinner party. RLSP has already indicated that they are not happy with the functioning of the NDA. 

Yesterday RLSP executive president Nagmani had said,”If NDA wants to win in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Bihar then they will have to make sure us that after the victory, our party chief Upendra Kushwaha will be CM”. We are not against Nitish Kumar, but NDA cannot win the 2019 elections by using Nitish’s clean image, Nitish Kumar has already lost his credibility with his flip-flop decision, he further said”. He further said, “We are bigger than JDU, we have 3 seats in the Lok Sabha while JDU has two. We can not accept Nitish Kumar as NDA’s leader, he can take a U-turn again and could go back with Lalu Prasad Yadav and we can not believe him. “

NDA constituents in Bihar, LJP, and RLSP are not in the favor of to declare Nitish Kumar as NDA face in 2019 elections. Some officials of these two parties said,”Nitish Kumar will not be the face of the NDA in Bihar”. Firstly the Lok Janshakti Party opposed and now RLSP has come out in opposition against Nitish Kumar. However, no response has yet been received from BJP. Which means it not yet clear, who will be the face of NDA in Bihar???

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