Nitish Kumar to be sworn in as Bihar CM after resignation forms government with BJP

Nitish Kumar to be sworn in as Bihar CM after resignation forms government with BJP
Written by Karu Cheema

Nitish Kumar today resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar and dumps party RJD and Congress to form an alliance with BJP. His resignation has been accepted by Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi in the evening stating that he cannot work with the current government after the corruption charges raised against son of Lalu Prasad. After his resignation he had a meeting with BJP leaders and handed over the letter of support to the governor all in three hours of time. Sushil Modi had stated that they will support the government with the leadership of Nitish Kumar and said the party has confidence in him as its leader.

JDU and BJP make up for 124 seats and with BJP support the total could go to 129, clearly crossing the halfway mark required. Nitish kumar said that he has been waiting so that he can find a way out but nothing happened and the charges were against a government member. He could not do anything in such a position and the government could not function. So he decided to resign heeding to his call of conscience. He had already mentioned his decision to Lalu Prasad and Congress leader C.P. Joshi. He has been facing criticism for supporting demonetisation and Ram Nath Kovind who was earlier Governor of Bihar and now the president of India.

Tomorrow again he will be sworn as Chief Minister of Bihar with 27 ministers at ceremony at Raj Bhavan. In the party Sushil Kumar Modi is likely to return as Deputy Chief Minister. Sources also said that the NDA and JDU will have 14 ministers each in the new government.

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