NGT raps Kejriwal government for not taking measures to control Delhi pollution

NGT raps Kejriwal government for not taking measures to control Delhi pollution

Following the intense Delhi smog, NGT asked Delhi government to explain why they have not taken any measures to stop construction and industrial activities. According to reports, NGT, the National Green Tribunal authority scratched Delhi government to stop the construction and industrial activities to control toxic air across the national capital city. However, yesterday the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia have announced holidays until Monday for the primary school’s students to save them from this harmful toxic air. Today the National Green Tribunal questioned Delhi government that why they have not taken any measures for shutting down the polluting industries and construction.

Also, they said Delhi government stop constructions when NGT advised them to do so. And they ask the government to visit hospitals and see the number of patients that are being admitted. One side the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal blamed adjoining states for the smog after crop burning while NGT pointed out Delhi government for not controlling air pollution with the help of pollution monitoring bodies.

Delhiites complaints against choking problem and breathing problem because of this toxic air. Following which NGT knocked Delhi Government for not taking any emergency measures against this severe smoke. Also asked them why they have not spread water with the help of a helicopter. Along with Delhi, NGT has also ordered Punjab, Haryana and UP government to take steps to prevent the crop burning in neighbouring states.

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