The New Mutants trailer review: A new horrifying chapter in Xmen franchise

The New Mutants is the supposedly a new chapter in the Xmen franchise and looks to be a horror movie mixed with the powerful teenagers trying to escape a facility. The movie, directed by  Josh Boone and starring Anya taylor jhonson as Illayana Rasputin and Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclaire as two mutants who’re housed in a facility among other children because they’re perceived to be dangerous to other people. The trailer looks and feels like a horror movie with expected jump scares and people going to places where they’re not supposed to go, but there seems to be something even sinister going on in the facility.

The children are being seen by Alice Braga’s Cecilia Reyes, who is probably conducting some kind of experimentation on them, and they’re also being seen by people through hidden cameras. The movie is expected to be released on April 13 2018 and has already accumulated a lot of hype on the social media because it’s been marketed as the first horror movie in the Xmen franchise and the reports are true because the trailer looks like a terrifying haunted house mystery with people coming out of the walls and children seeing blood and having hallucinations in the hallways.

It has been said that the moive doesn’t have ties to the ongoing Xmen series and this movie isn’t related to the Dark Phoenix movie starring Sophie Turner, but there could be links to the characters in the other movies and this aspect would probably be used to promote the movie.

The trailer is very well cut and instantly arouses interest in the story and the mystery of the haunted facility.

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