New Friends Colony Murder case in Delhi; Innocent Man killed for ‘complaining against drug dealers

New Friends Colony Murder case in Delhi; Innocent Man killed for ‘complaining against drug dealers
Written by Abhishek Lohia

A person named Rupesh was shot dead at around 9 pm in the Taimoor Nagar area of Delhi on Sunday night. 38-year-old Rupesh was admitted to a hospital in critical condition where he died during treatment. After the incident, local people furiously raged. Police vehicles were ransacked and motorcycles were handed over to the fire. The police rushed to the police station to control the ruckus According to Jaankari, Rupesh had fine arts and stationery business. She has two small children. DCP, South East Chinmay Vishwal says that the situation is currently in control. The precautionary force has been deployed. According to police officials, the reasons behind the shootings have not been ascertained yet.

New Friends Colony Murder Case

On the other hand, Local people have alleged that the Delhi Police is trying to avoid accountability. After the death news of Rupesh spread in the area, locals came out on street and clashed had happened with the police officials. They also set afire several vehicles and many people were severely injured during the stone pelting. In fact, local people have alleged that Rupesh was shot by drugs smugglers in Taimoor Nagar. According to the people, there is an open business in Taimoor Nagar Area of Delhi. Against this, the people of the area were constantly raising the voice. Rupesh and his brother Umesh also gave a written complaint to the police several times.

On Sunday at around 8:30 in the night, when Rupesh was playing with his children outside his home, two drug smugglers arrived there. There was some argument happened between Rupesh and the smugglers. After that, the paddlers shot Rupesh and escaped. Rupesh’s brother Umesh alleges that he had complained to the police about drug addicts in nearby slums, but the police never took any action. Umesh has demanded the CBI probe into the murder.


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