Navy Day: An occasion to celebrate the Naval forces

Navy Day: An occasion to celebrate the Naval forces

Navy Day is an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of the Naval Force of India, and to show its strength to the world and the population of the country. The Navy is headed by the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind, and comes under the Indian Armed Forces, which is the largest among the world. Officials of India, and politicians also take time to thank the force for their services and their courage to venture into the uncertain seas for the safety and well being of the citizens of the country. The Naval forces are very crucial to a country, since they protect the uncharted seas and the areas from where it is difficult to locate enemies or anyone who could be trying to cross the boundaries without the permission of the authorities.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle is considered to be the father of the Indian Navy Forces, he was a 17th Century Indian King and a warrior from Maharashtra. He built strategically strong forces at the coasts of Goa and Konkan, and was able to built sea forts, through which people could spot Invaders and people coming through the seas.

The day is also celebrated to observe the attack on Karachi Harbor, by the Pakistani forces during the Indi-Pakistani war, 4 December 1971.



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