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Navratri 2017: Understanding Puja Vidhi in Navratras

Navratri 2017: Understanding Puja Vidhi in Navratras

Navratari is starting from 21st September. Navratri has very important place in Hindu festivals in India. It is celebrated as nine days of nine Goddess of Hindu religions. It is celebrated after monsoons in autumn  festival to worship divine goddess Durga. In North Eastern part of India the festival is known as Durga Puja.

Names of Nine Devi (Nav Devi)

  1. Shailputri,
  2. Bhramcharini,
  3. Chandraghanta,
  4. kushmanda,
  5. skandmata,
  • kaatyayani,
  • kaalratri,
  • Mahachuari
  • Siddhiratri


Required things for Navratri Pooja

Statue of Ma Durga, red chunri, gangajal, Kalash, mango leaves, dubda, barley seeds, sandalwood, coconut, sindoor, moli, leaves of paan, cloves, cardamom, supari, deep, ghee, dhup, fresh fruits and flowers, and sweets.

Pooja vidhi

  • Walkup early in morning and take bath and wear new cloths.
  • Place a statue of Ma Durga and do khetri on someplace among them.
  • Do khetri on right side of ma Durga. Khetri is done by putting barley seeds in the mud.
  • Place Kalash on this khetri and pure gangajal in this Kalash and then place mango leaves on kalash and then place coconut on Kalash.
  • Tie moli ( red thread) on kalash
  • Now put some rice in one plate and place diya as Akhand jyot on left side of Ma Durga.
  • Offer chunri to Ma Durga.
  • Now offer paan, supari, clove to ma Durga
  • Now place fresh flower in front of Ma Durga
  • Offer some fruits and sweet to Ma Durga which is further used as Prashad.
  • do Katha and Aarti for Ma Durga.

Bhog or prashad for all nine goddess

Ma Shailaputri

The first day of Navratri is of Ma Shailaputri which bring good health in our lives and make our life disease free. Sweets made by cow ghee are used as a Prashad for ma Shailaputri.

Ma Bharmacharini

They increase life or us and our family members. Sugar and fruits are used as a bhog of Ma Bhamacharni.

Ma Chandraghanta

They help us for relief from pain and misery. Sweets dishes prepared my milk and milk is known as Prashad for Ma Chandraghanta.

Ma Kushmanda

Ma enhances the power of discrimination and decision-making ability. Malpuda with fennel seeds or saunf is famous as a bhog for Ma Kushmanda.

Ma Skandamata

Skandamata keeps us healthy. Banana is use as a prashad for Ma Skandamata.

Ma Kaalratri

Ma Kaalratri increase beauty and honey or Prashad made by honey is known to be for Ma Kaalratri.

Ma Mahagauri

Ma vanishes sorrow from our life and gives success in our life. Sweets made from coconut are for Ma Mahagauri bhog.

Ma Siddhidatri

As the name says of Ma, they give Siddhi to us. Sweets made by til is used for ma Siddhidatri prashad.

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