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Navratri 2017: First Navratra; Story, Bhog or Prashad and Mantra for Ma Shailaputri

Navratri 2017: First Navratra; Story, Bhog or Prashad and Mantra for Ma Shailaputri

First Navratri is on 21st September 2017. Navratri is celebrates for nine days for nine forms of Ma Durga and known as Nav Durga. First Navratra is for Ma Shailputri.  Ma Shailaputri brings good health in life and protects body from all diseases. She is a goddess of peace. Ma shailputri is a daughter of Himalaya (king of mountain) as her name shows daughter (putri) of shaila Means Mountain. Ma Shailaputri is also known as Goddess Parvati. She has half moon on her forehead and lotus flower in her left hand also trishul in her right hand. She rides on king of buffalo, Nandi.  According to Hindu mythology people do Worship of Ma Shailaputri to get peaceful life.

Story behind Goddess Ma Shailaputri or first Navratra

Ma Shailaputri sacrificed her life as she was Sati in her previous life and died because she can’t her husband insult by her father. After she reborn as a daughter of king of mountain, Himalaya and named as Parvati. Now in this birth she did Tapasya to get married with lord Shiva and after marriage she is known as Adi Shakti.  Ma Shailputri brings good luck and peace in our life. Unmarried women do fasting for Ma Shailaputri to get a husband as they want.

 Ma Shailaputri: Bhog or Parshad

Dishes prepare by cow ghee is offer to Ma shailaputri as a prashad. Indian people prepare many different sweets by using cow ghee.

Mantra for Ma Shailaputri

वंदेवाद्द्रिछतलाभायचंद्रार्धकृतशेखराम |

वृषारूढांशूलधरांशैलपुत्रीयशस्विनीम् ||
Vande Vaanchhit Laabhaaya Chandrardha Krita Shekharaam,

Vrishaarudhaam Shuladharaam Shaila- Putrim Yashasviniim

Meaning of Mantra

Ma Shailputri will help in overcome from bad effect of moon, which is governed by Ma Adi Shakti.

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